We booked DJ Twice and couldn’t have been more happy with our decision. With a lot of companies you are just assigned any available DJ, and not necessarily the one that’s going to be the best for your wedding. I had this experience when I helped my sister screen DJ’s for her wedding- and honestly I wish we had known about Twice Ent then. Back to my wedding, we had VERY personalized service, He took the time to ask questions to find out about us and our personalities and tastes. As a result, we had a very “curated” and special experience that really reflected who we are. Nothing cookie cutter or remotely cheesy about it. Everything ran smoothly from the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. He really knows a lot about music and creating an atmosphere. If you want some middle aged dude playing your reception, a cheesathon, or an inexperienced DJ, DJ Twice IS NOT it. If you do want that though there’s plenty out there to choose from.

Wedding: 04/19/2014