DJ Twice did an exceptional job, our event didn’t have the number of quests we had anticipated but the DJ spun records like he was spinning for hundreds and for that display of professionalism he deserves a standing ovation! I found myself getting discouraged a few times and then his beats would bring the crowd to the dance floor and bring me back around. I would definitely recommend the DJ for ANY event. In addition I was very pleased at how he mixed the records according to what moved the crowd while adding in the suggested music genre, along with the cuts from the album……..he really did his thing!!! We all had a great time and that is largely in part to the vibe of the DJ. Oh, oh let me not forget to mention that he also has hosting skills as well, his commentary in between jams was completely hilarious, he had many of us laughing all night—he may have a future in standup – -?? DJTwice is the best!!!!!!

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