What are you paying for when you book a DJ? 

Professional Set-up

Everyone thinks that a DJ just shows up and plays music, but there is much more.  The planning/consultation with the client, is just the first step.  I like to call these “silent hours”.  For weddings, going over ceremony set-up, lights, first dances is an important step.  After getting through the planning step,next is gathering the music; downloading/arranging the requested playlists, and sometimes even creating a “mix” for a first dance is sometimes requested.  This is before we even go to the reception venue!!!  There is the set up/breakdown, acting as an “Emcee” directing guests, the photgraphers, videographer, venue staff, practicing the names for the bridal party… there are many hats to put on, not to mention the wear and tear on your equipment, DJ affiliations, continuing education classes, music/song clubs, insurance, etc. the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, so I am grateful.

I just want everyone to be aware that there is considerable time put in to “perfecting” the craft.  Yes, you can get “Cousin Bob” or an “Uncle Rick” or even an iPod to DJ, but that does not take the place of a professional.  Unfortunately everyone remembers the “bad DJs” versus the good or great ones, and  paying more doesn’t guarantee a good DJ, I just wanted share that the good ones make it look easy, but there is a lot of practice and time spent.

You get what you pay for. Keep that in mind if you truly want a great experience!

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